What We’re About at Fear Not Marketing, Inc.

We offer in-person promotions and customer acquisition campaigns that are designed to achieve paramount results for our personal care, electronics, and cleaning brands. Here at Fear Not Marketing, Inc. we know the competition is fierce, but we take it on with an innovative approach that earns us maximal growth, year after year. Because of this growth, we’re continually looking for ways to build our team members into tomorrow’s leaders — which keeps us one-step ahead of the competition and industry every time.

Brand Representation Equals Significant Growth

We represent some of the biggest brands in the nation and our clients rely on us to create in-person events and customer acquisition campaigns that deliver top results. Fear Not Marketing, Inc. treats the goals of our clients as if they were our own by developing customized campaigns based on years of experience.

Our clients have high standards, but we don’t shy away from a challenge. We constantly exceed those expectations and we never let a penny of our clients’ marketing budget go to waste. In return, our clients see paramount growth quarter after quarter. But, to keep consistent with these results we must continue to build our team members — and offer our clients new opportunities for expansion at every turn.

Fear Not Marketing, Inc.’s Brands

We represent some of the most respected brands in cleaning, electronics, personal care products, and food. These brands seek out our team because of our innovative in-person promotions and success with customer acquisition campaigns. By using our unique approach to in-person events and combining it with our growth-oriented team, we deliver superior results to our clients.

Stellar Consumer Experiences and Brand Growth

It’s not just our clients benefitting from in-person events by Fear Not Marketing, Inc. — the consumers benefit, too. We offer introductory prices that other businesses can’t compare to. Also, we give consumers a hands-on experience with the products and services we’re representing, which ensures consumer satisfaction with every purchase they make.

To give consumers that ultimate experience, we need to cultivate an incredible team of brand ambassadors. Each team member is trained in the art of creating a comfortable sales environment with potential customers. They’re well versed in the brands they represent and taught the proper techniques for promoting the products they’re offering — increasing our clients’ chances for impulse buys and recurring purchases in the future.

Fascinating Career Opportunities at Every Turn

The incredible results we achieve for our brands — high customer satisfaction, significant growth, etc. — would never be possible without our team. We have created a growth-oriented approach that helps our team members succeed at every level. As team members move through each stage, they can enjoy personal and professional achievements that will last their entire career. Fear Not Marketing, Inc. is all about creating the leaders of tomorrow from the team of today.